5-Star Review Acquisition

Lake Orion Agency Releases Service To Auto-Capture 5-Star Reviews For Clients

“J.J. Bell President & CEO of Direct2WebTV Lake Orion, MI says the solution for acquiring 4 & 5-Star client | customer | patient reviews will greatly assist small businesses in developing marketing and managing a solid online reputation. Having a minimum of a 4-Star reputation is essential in 2018 and beyond or the business owner is at risk of being "thumped" in the competition. Ignoring this issue is no longer a responsible strategy.
 Bell says that the solution addresses several issues hampering the gathering of real 4 & 5-Star reviews for its client’s businesses; this is because small to mid-sized businesses are typically not very good at acquiring reviews from clients | customers | patients... here is why:
 - Afraid to ask for a review.
 · Do not know how to advise on how to write a review.
 · Do not know how they should instruct the writer where and how to post a review.
 · Too busy to be bothered.
 Because of the above items, we see our prospects constantly failing at building a strong online reputation, says Bell.
 Many times, we hear: I get all my new business from referrals... I don't need to worry about my reputation. Well, consider that in 2017 ninety-seven (97%) * of consumers read online reviews to judge a local business and decide whether to engage with them... that includes consumers that were referred - business owners must not be fooled into thinking that just because someone was referred that they don't do online research... they do. Without a 4 & 5-Star rating an organization is going to struggle not to lose prospective new customers to their competition. This could cause significant revenue losses; for example: if the company identifies four new referrals as new customers; can the business eliminate poor reputation as a reason that it did not get ten new referrals/customers in addition to the four? Something to consider.
 Bell says that the inexpensive solution for acquiring 4 & 5-Star reviews that Direct2WebTV is introducing also works on autopilot. It's a mobile strategy for accumulating real valid reviews from the business’s clients | customers | patients. This strategy is very simple; the business representative simply asks the party they are working with to enter their first name, mobile number and/or e-mail address into a form on an Apple or Android device and they are done... the system takes care of everything else including posting on review sites.
 We wanted to keep it very simple for our customers to use in order to guarantee great results, said Bell.”
 How it Works:
 The acquired reviews will be posted to client’s choice of online properties, i.e. Google, Facebook, Instagram as well as being automatically streamed on websites and social media with no interaction from the user necessary… this means that the client’s prospects will always see the latest and best reviews the client has to offer. Moreover, if the client receives a less than 4 Star review, the client will be notified by the system to allow the client’s representative to mitigate the bad review before it becomes an online disaster
 After entering contact information, the client |customer | patient will get, generally in one and one-half hour (1.5) to three (3) hours later a text message and /or email from the business inquiring if they would agree to leave a favorable review for the business. If they respond positively, the system will take the client | customer | patient to Google, Facebook or various other online directories the business chooses in order to post their review .If they don't respond positively, they will be directed to a feedback page and the business owner will receive an email alert that something is amiss.
 The full system is set-up and managed completely by Direct2WebTV employees, so the only effort needed by the company agent is to ask the client | customer | patient to Sign-In on (digital device) prior to doing the work or to Sign-Out after the fact. The whole process is extremely simple to use.
 This is an excellent opportunity for small to mid-size businesses to mitigate a major problem area in their perceived Trust, Credibility and Authority regarding their online/offline marketing efforts. Today, an organization without six (6) to ten (10) 4 & 5-Star reviews online is going to have a major competitive disadvantage in their marketplace. In fact, it takes ten (10) 4 & 5-Star reviews for a consumer to trust a business. Whatever the business niche is, i.e.: medical, construction, real estate, pizza shops or any other niche that needs a great reputation to survive, the problem is the same: “Does Your Business Project Enough Trust, Authority & Credibility!” to attract a consistent flow of new business opportunities.
 Whether a business is unaware it is losing business because of poor reputation or simply ignoring this reality, its prospective customers are constantly judging via online research and comparison what business to engage with… are you up to speed?.
 This is problem easily solved.
 *Source: Bright Local