Press Release: 5-STAR Review Acquisition

Direct2WebTV is announcing a service that allows businesses to acquire 5-STAR Reviews on autopilot from Customers | Client | Patients. Also, enables the user to instantly be aware of reviews that are less than 4-5-STAR so the they can engage their less than happy Customers | Clients | Patients and mitigate any negative issues.

Direct2WebTV is launching this service for securing 5-STAR Reviews to help small to medium-sized businesses solve a major problem. Today more than 90% of consumers read online reviews to judge if they want to engage with a business. Without a 4-5 STAR rating a business is going to lose out on opportunities for new business acquisition in a major way.

Small businesses are generally not very good at getting reviews from Customers | Clients | Patients:

1. Because of a reluctance to ask.
2. The business does not understand how to instruct the client to do a review and where to put it.
3. Too busy to be bothered.

Gathering 5-STAR Reviews Automatically – The service that Direct2WebTV is launching, is an affordable mobile Sign-In Sign-Out strategy that solves the problems identified in items 1-3 above. It is very simple; the business representative has the Customers | Clients | Patients enter mobile number and/or email address and first name into a form displayed on the mobile device (Android or Apple – Tablet, laptop, mobile phone).

The customer will receive, typically 90 minutes later a SMS message from the asking them if they would be willing to leave a positive (4-5 STAR) review for the business. If the answer is yes, the system will take the client to a page for Google, Facebook or one of many other online directories the business chooses to use where the 5-Star Review can be posted.

The complete system is managed by Direct2WebTV personnel, so the only interaction required by the business representative is to ask the customer to Sign-In when engaging with the customer. Simple.