Did You Know: One Minute Of Video Equals 1.8 Million Words?

Did you know that: “One Minute Of Video Is Worth 1.8 Million Words…” (Dr. James McQuivey)
Yes, video gets your advertising message across in an incredibly effective manner. A Recent study showed that videos increase our understanding of a product or service by 74% (Quicksprout) 74%!
We are a professional video agency that specializes in helping businesses like yours by creating incredible yet affordable video commercials. We have many resources at our fingertips including professional actors and actresses who would love to be the spokesperson for your message.
Everyday more 100,000,000 internet users watch video online (Comscore); a third of all online activity is spent watching video. (Digital Sherpa) And this is my favorite statistic: 80% of internet users remember the video ads they watch online. (Digital Sherpa) Yes, they sure make an impression.
Below this video you can see many examples of what we can do. We would love to speak with you and help you to explore how we can help you take your advertising to the next level.